Ermine Stitch

Ermine stitch is made up of a series of straight stitches which form what appears to look like ermine tails when stitched in black thread on white fabric. What's an ermine? Well if you don't know its a stoat like weasley type animal that is white with a black tip on its tail. Ermine stitch was often used in Blackwork embroidery as a filling stitch. You can do it evenly on evenweave or randomly scattered on plain fabric. It wouldn't look bad as a single spot motif if worked bigger and in thicker thread.

To work the stitch you first form a vertical straight stitch by bringing your needle up at 1 then back down at 2. Then bring your needle up at 3 a little way down the side of the first straight stitch, you want to space the stitch wider at the top than at the bottom. Insert your needle at 4, again a little way up from the bottom of the first straight stitch and then bring it out again at 5 and then down at 6 to finish the stitch.


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