Casting on Toe-up Socks

Well the weather has finally changed here for the better and we are having some lovely blue skies and sunshine at last. It really is starting to feel like Spring!

On Thursday if you read my last blog post, I said I was going to cast on some toe-up socks on one circular needle using Judy's Magic Cast On and the magic loop method! Well it took me a few attempts to get it right! It nearly had me tearing my hair out and running for a bottle of wine! Finally however I managed to get a sock cast on and I am starting to make good progress. I am about to start working the heel though so this should get interesting.

The pattern I am using is Basic Toe-up Magic Loop Socks by Jill Chapman which is available as a free download on Ravelry. If you haven't tried Judy's Magic Cast On before here is the link to the YouTube video.

I know a lot of people visit my blog purely for my hand embroidery tutorials and so many times I have thought about whether I should continue to keep up my posts here. The jury is still out I guess and hopefully somebody finds my posts interesting!

Anyhow here is my toe-up sock knitting progress below. Which socking knitting method do you prefer toe-up or cuff down?


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